Sailing Regatta

Corporate Sailing

In the world of sailing, well balanced crew that works as team makes the basic condition for gaining winning results. So it is in the world of successful business. On another hand, a good leadership is equally important in both worlds. This is where sailing and a good business meet in a most essential way. However, the daily routine might lead to the lack of efficiency at the moment when team members start to work automatically, bringing along misbalanced relations within the team members. Allowing the team to think out of the box, to work together outside the usual routines and in unusual environments will bring out some new situations which will make the team give their best in order to gain mutual goal, but in a totally different way than used to. Therefore, sailing refers to the perfect combination of activities which will not only strengthen the team relations but also help creating the new systems of functioning. When under sails; efficient communication, replenishment, mutual trust and cooperation is sometimes more important than individual expertise.

Allow your team a teambuilding trip under sails within our Corporate Sailing Program and gain the benefits of re-familiarizing in a completely new environment. Your team will get so needed relief from everyday routine while the benefits of it will be gained through future business results. A sail race between two teams on the equal yachts sound like a perfect start for strengthening the team in the funniest and most interesting way. Based on a long experience from both business and sailing world we are proud to offer you a tailor made teambuilding program. Previous sailing experience is not needed at all since skilful and trustworthy skippers are aboard to lead you through the program.

Hierarchical scale settled in the office is not important because completely new roles will be given to each one of them. The program is held on our sailing yachts which offer full comfort along with exceptional sailing performances. Please contact our crew for more information about the time and place for your next Corporate Sailing with us.

Sail Races

The added value of our offer refers to sail races program. Sail racing within the cruiser class is getting more and more popular recently all over the Mediterranean, from the windward-leeward races to navigational and offshore formats. Our sailing yachts Grand Large yachts are very agile and offer not only luxury holiday sailing but adrenaline driven sail racing experience as well.

Croatia, as well as the other Mediterranean countries, abounds with numerous sail racing events throughout the year while our skippers have respectful experience in competitive racing. Mentioned races are not reserved only for high performance vessels and professional crews so amateurs and enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of competitive sailing as much as the professionals. Prior to taking off to your new experience of sail racing, our skilful skippers will prepare the yacht for competitive racing mode while you are about to receive full sail racing training.

Last but not least, since our sailing yachts Grand Large yachts are equal in terms of their performances, we can offer you so called match race where skill of the skippers and their crews matter more than the performances of the yachts. Such type of sail racing is equally fun and demanding because one team always gets the advantage of the mistake of another team. Match race under the sails of sailing yachts Grand Large can be fully organized by our staff as a private regatta. Feel free to contact us for more details about suggested sail racing events or organizing private one.