The development of our fleet involves not only direct investment from the owners of our company, but also the participation of third-party investors, boat owners.
    We have several co-investment options:
  1. Purchase of new boats from the shipyard with the subsequent placement of the boat in our charter fleet under the charter management program.
  2. Buying used boats from our fleet with continuation of our charter management program.
  3. Inclusion of the owner's boat in our fleet - new or used - under the terms of our charter management program.
  4. Share participation in the purchase of new boats.
  5. Long-term financing from third parties on a repayable basis for the purchase of new boats against the mortgage of the existing fleet.

If any of mentioned programs are interesting for you or you need more information – please, contact us:

Roko Lazić | +385 99 3861 914 |

Maja Šironja | +385 91 3300 691 |